Beerded Services

I’m Jennifer Alexander the The Beerded Lady. I am a passionate beer ambassador and influencer. I found my love for beer when I drank upon one with my dad, who then introduced me to real beer… and thus the monster was created

I am known as a craft beer advocate that brings ta feminine influence to the understanding of the craft beer business. I have gained serious recognition because of my description beer, as well as giving advice on festivals and beer-traveling.

I have brewed, tasted, and provided education on the wonderful world of craft beer. 


Beer Tastings: This is my favorite kind of event! When I get to serve a group of people new beer. It is so fun to see the reactions of every one in the room! Especially when an old lady is in love with an IPA! Who would have thought!!!

Guest Brewing: I love to come up with amazing ideas with breweries! Check out my collaboration with Barley and Board HERE

Product Review: Your product will touch the eyes of my following (over 35 thousand people)

Here are a few companies I’ve worked with  NewAir, Complete Wellness, Milpa Denton, EveryPlate, Barley and Board, The Bristol Hotel, Front Burner Resturaunt Group, Ghost Pillow, DrinkAde, Dallas Zoo, Big Texas Beer Fest, Palm Tree Boutique, Flying Saucer, Union Bear, Plano Magazine, The Paris Beer Tour, Independence Brewing,  Thrive+, Femme Luxe, Better Body By Mars,  Denton County Brewing Company,  The Bearded Monk, Peticolas, Brooklyn Beer, The Original Tubby, Pinthub, Tall Pint Tees, Lite Hops, GrowlerWerks, Goose Island, Shirts on Tap