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Birthday Week Episode 2

Birthday Week Episode 2

Tomorrow (January 10 is my birthday)
I will be turning the ripe old age of 27. Here are the beers I enjoyed this weekend.
Lizard of Koz by Founders-Okay this one was too much of a beer. It started out with the taste of a blueberry milkshake with a dash of sherry and whipped cream on top. Half way through the beer it began tasting like pure blueberry syrup from Ihop it left a candy film in your mouth with no actual alcohol taste! Cant even rate this beer it was almost a liquor

Bastards midnight brunch by Stone brewing- This one was tasty like a toasty breakfast!Hops and goodness with a maple finish and just the right amount of stickiness. a full bodied chocolate cinnamon French toast taste and feel .

These two I enjoyed st The Social House In Addison. If you’re in Dallas hit up this beer spot for a variety of beer.  I didn’t list it on here but they 2016 goose island Bourbon County Barrel Stout Barley wind for only 16$!  Amazing prices.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Gingerbread stout- Tastes like a gingerbread man but with out the sugar sweetness!

Uncle Jacob’s stout by Avery– Heavy bourbon taste with chocolate, syrup, and with a taste of bitter hops


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