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Firestone Walker XIX at Whiskey Cake

Firestone Walker XIX at Whiskey Cake


Thanks to our awesome waiter from last week, we were given the heads up on a very rare tapping for North Texas Beer Week. What was this rare tapping? It was the sought after Firestone Walker XIX.

I called up to whiskey cake yesterday to know exactly what time that they were opening this dark goodness to the world and I was put on the phone with a cool dude named Billy, he gave me all the details of the tapping. I arrived to Whiskey Cake with the highest of blood pressures; this was due to the insane 6 o clock Dallas traffic! Once there I met Tyler who is the Firestone Walker Rep, he presented me with a beautiful beer that was a dark brown with a hint of red. Thanks for the Brew Tyler! I took a smell of the beer, it smelled of toffee, caramel, leather, vanilla, and bourbon. I took a sip and tasted chocolate, caramel, bourbon, figs, and a slight oakiness. Oh, what a wonderful tasting beer.

We finally settled into our chairs only to have Billy the manager come up and talk to us! I asked him how he was able to get his hands on this rare keg. It turns out that one of his favorite breweries is Firestone Walker so he does not let Tyler very far out of his sight when ordering things. Great Food, Great Beer, and Great Company!

Firestone Walker’s XIX was a 5 out of 5. 13.8 % alc


The Beerded Lady

P.S. Untapped post still in the works. Got some really good pictures! Stay tuned!


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