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Flying over the Lake to Maui

Flying over the Lake to Maui

First off, the devastating blood shed is a reminder to all that everything can be taken away from us in an instant. So live everyday to the fullest and love hard. Keep Paris in your thoughts.
Friday we came out to the burbs to parentsit my mother. Luckily she lives near the Flying Saucer on the Lake, wonderful beer with a beautiful view. We decided to attend The Maui Luau Party to end the awesome North Texas Beer week.

The Maui Brewing Co. beer flight
The Maui Brewing Co. beer flight

I was able to meet some cool new people and have some killer beers! The luau was awesome! On top of getting my sample of Maui beers I chowed down on some Hawaiian style tapas. The sweet pork, sashimi salmon, and rice paired perfectly with my beers. The flight from dark to light from the Maui Brewing Co.
CoCoNut Porter’s smell was light and coconutty with a hint of hops, the color was an opaque brown. The taste was a smooth coconut beginning with a malty sweet finish. I do love my porters especially when they are this smooth, just helps keep me feeling rad. 4 out of 5!
Doppel Shot Double Bock- WO! This beer was an awesome surprise. When I took a whiff of this golden amber beer it smelt like straight up coffee grounds, bitter and earthy. As soon as it touched my lips I was knocked for a loop, the taste of this beer was so different than what I just processed through my nose. I expected a super bitter beer, but instead I tasted a sweet coffee beginning with a nice toffee note and finished with the some very light hops.  5 out of 5 I tottaly dug this one. I had to continue my tasting, but by far this was the best one of the night. Pueo Pale- I smelt the very light hops and upon tasting I noticed hints of grapes and citrus with a smooth light finish. 3 out of 5 Hop Kine- A very solid IPL/IPA. The aroma was dankness masked with flowers, a perfect mix. The taste was fronted by smoothness, flower, and grapefuits with a fresh exhale. 4 out of 5 very solid pale. Kihei Kolsch- The lightest of the family. A nice refreshing finish to my tasting. The only thing I can say about this one is citrus and hops, something to easily drink beside the pool… once it warms up.
I was so honored that these cool cats hung out with me for as long as they did! Of course the beerded Jennifer LOVES to chat. These dudes and hidden Dudette let me talk their ear off! The man on the left Garrett is straight from Maui Brewing Co. and the guy on the right is Zach from our back yard brewery Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Thanks so much for the Maui Brewing Co cup and nerding out about beers.

Thank you to the Flying saucer on the lake! I love the location, the view and the staff never lets me down. On top of the Maui deliciousness, I had to partake in drinking 2 more beers.
The Quad Boulevard’s The Sixth Glass. I thoroughly enjoy my beers from Belgium . The color was a dark amber the smell was thick and sweet, as I took a sip I sensed a fruitiness along with dark sugars and caramel. Shout out to one of my very favorite patients Carlyle, thanks for the suggestion! 5 out 5
Next was the Westmalle Abbey Tripel. Light in color but not light in taste. This one hinted slightly to the hoppy side with still keeping that malty belgium goodness added with some flowers and citrus.
Live Long and Beer On

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