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Legal Draft and Cedar Creek tap take over

Legal Draft and Cedar Creek tap take over

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The Bearded dad and I hit up a local restaurant called Jack Mac’s Swill & Grill to take part in a tap take over! This place is a hidden gem full of beer and tasty grub. Legal Draft and Cedar Creek were the stars of the night! As we walked up on a warm November eve (make up your friggin mind Texas!) my tummy was grumbling for the stuffed poblano and a matching Pablano Dankosaurus IPA. We sat at a cozy booth in the corner only to realize that we had to order a flight to get all the brews! My flight was filled with (from left to right)


Legal Draft Smash and Grab-pretty smooth for an IPA, but a very easy drink. light hops, light malt, and a hint of citrus 3 out of 5

Cedar Creek Pablano Dankosaurus- Holy moly, this trampled me with its Strong poblano taste but kept its dank hoppiness with hints of peach and orange, texas freshly mowed grass, with a nice malt to end. It’s so hard to keep the beer in tact while adding spice! 5 out 5

Legal Accused Amber- Ambers are not my favorite! This one was so tasty. I would actually order this beer! It had a great brown sugar entrance with a deep nutty taste, with a slight hops and biscuit flavor. 4 out of 5

Chief Justice Stout Legal – A solid stout. This had a slight walnutty taste and woodsy smell gave this beer a little independence from just your regular old stout. 4 out of 5

I briefly got to chum it up with the reps at Swill and Grill before they had to head back to pasting stickers on their new brews and driving all the way back out of Dallas! Pretty neat guys that love beers! Love what you’re drinking and love who you’re drink with!

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Stay tuned for the untapped event post!



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