Pint sized and full bodied with a hoppy attitude

Namaste and cheers

Namaste and cheers

Namastay in bed…. Jk. Writing about my beloved Yoga and Beer monthly even at Community brewery wasn’t enough. So the gamer/beauty vlogger and I decided to video it!! As always our instructor was the bomb and I mastered crow for 10 whole seconds, without face planting it. After an ass kicking hour of warriors, chaturanga dandasanas, planks, and wheels we finally got our pint!

The pint I decided to grab from the bar was the feisty Community Triple Yessir IPA. This was a perfect refreshing punch after a nice sweat! This guy comes in at 105.0 IBU, a master of bitterness, with hints of sweet malt with a mix of citrus fruits. The best part was the 12.0 % ABV which knocked me for a cheery post workout loop! 5 out of 5 of course.

Next up was their Funnel Cake beer straight out of the “spicket.” We got to watch the golden liquid of the gods spill out into our cup! This beer is a perfect mix of having the pleasure of beer and tastiness of funnel cake with half the carbs! This beer is always a light hearted fun one to play around with! Lighter on taste and lighter on alcohol content 4.1 %. Smells like powdered sugar and bread, tastes like a the mild like the English Ale it is! 33.5 out of 5, but I am partial to those robust tastes! This was way more filling then when i reviewed it a few months ago! If you are texan you need to try it!

Make sure to check out the goofy video we did! CLICK HERE


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