Completed: The Beerded Challenge

Completed: The Beerded Challenge

The Beerded Challenge: 12 weeks COMPLETED

Last time I checked in with ya’ll was at 8 weeks! I have just finished completed the 12 weeks of this challenge!Life is all about balance!!!!  You can have your beer and drink it too, so to say! I wanted to put together a little post to update and talk about the challenge through my eyes.

I lost 4-5 inches around my waist, added a couple around my booty, and lost about 5-6 lbs! The scale didn’t move that much because muscle weighs more than fat baby!

Phase one (The first four weeks):


I was in love with the work outs! I couldn’t get enough!  I wasn’t getting super sore nor sweating! They consisted of a lot of stabilizing muscle work outs and warm ups!!! They made me excited for the gym instead of being scared of it!!!


Macros were tremendously hard for me in the beginning, but, Marsella was able to kick me into shape. I had to retrain my mind! The idea of keto and such had been hammered in my head for a long time, so she had to tell me over and over again that carbs can be great, that you need them for your brain to function! I also still loved my French fries! I did have to quit those for my beer.

Phase Two (Middle four weeks):


Still in love with these amazing work outs. They got a little more challenging but nothing I couldn’t handle!! The soreness wasn’t tremendous, I did sweat a tiny more. But hey! It was amazing!


This is when I started to understand a little more! I was able to hone in on what my body was able to take in! My fitness pal helps so much with this! However, I was sick and out of town during this time, I quickly realized that I needed extra protein! Eating out is so difficult to balance this, but just add a protein shake and watch the intake. I was truly surprised at the amount of fat in things that I thought were pure carbs! Fat is good, the good kind at least, and in moderation.

Phase Three (Last 4 weeks):


Okay ya’ll. This is where I found out I was a freaking beast! I started cranking out stability ball crunches like it was no biggie, front squatting 100 lbs, and doing a couple un-assisted pull ups. WHO AM I???? I was rock climbing with ease, jogging to catch up with dogs and friend’s kids with ease, and hopping on my Peleton for endurance! I’m so surprised at who I am and what I was before. That is the most surprising thing about this challenge. I’m a freaking BOSS! Upper body is at 25 barbells: shoulder press, chest… etc. and still escalating with my lower body!!


I am now fine-tuning and playing around with shocking my body now! It has become easier to know what my body needs (intuitive eating)! You can feel when your body needs carbs and protein! I also am trying intermittent fasting! Because… why not? This has been a fun experiment, a little shock to the body can help it mix up things.

What is next?

I am currently De-loading! That means a 50 % decrease in weight so my muscles can heal! I have been pushing them to the limit, so they need a little recovery time! I will update you a little more on that after this week is done! After my deload; I will be out of town for a couple weeks so I have some fun at home, hotel gym, and beach work outs that I plan on doing! Then I plan on doing a 12 day detox! Detox’s are so important, not only for my beerded liver, but for all of the Lactic Acid my body has been filtering from working out. Sometimes kidneys and livers need a break!


  • Ritual Multivitamins (regular or prenatal): NO nausea, feel good, well sourced vitamin! I love these! They have a monthly subscription, so they take the hassle out of deciding! Be sure to tell them I sent you!
  • Vital Protein Collagen Peptides : Life Saver! THESE are the best when it comes to drinking beer and balancing macros! This will pop up your protein like non other! best to bring with you when you’re at a festival or traveling. Tip: put into hot drink: it will dissolve easier!
  • Vega Vanilla Protein: Plant Based protein that included greens! Do a quick post work out with a scoop and shaker or dive in and make a full shake with a nanner, pb2 choco, and spinach!
  • Bluebonnet Magnesium, Potassium with Bromelain: This is a life saver! CRAMPS AND BLOATING begone! This little mixture helps with those sore muscles and period cramps to hang over bloat and PMS water weight! I LOVE THIS COMBO. *you will be regular too

Random Work Out Things


COREGASMS: uhm.. these were an unexpected benefit! Some people experience a nice little stimulation while working out! Typically asexual in nature (no thoughts needed). They come from the inner abs, it is thought the pelvic floor gets fatigued, and BOOM! Add a few more reps and see what you can get!

Strength and Stability: I have noticed I can do things like moving things around and other sports easier! The ease is unbelievable!

Some embarrassing moments:

I peed a little while jump roping! Abs sometimes squeeze a little bit of gas!

YA’LL we are human! Every body at the gym knows you are too! When these things happen just go on!!! The fact that you can get over it and continue is better then running away in shame and never going back to the gym!


Jennifer the Beerded Lady


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