Save Your Cals for Beers and Fests!

Save Your Cals for Beers and Fests!

All I hear from other ladies and some times gents is that beer is so high in calories!  Welp, so is the sweet tea, cake, and cookies  you’re drinking and eating on a daily basis! You can make the choice to choose beer instead of that sweet tea!  (I know I’m using sweet tea a lot for my counter drink but I live in Texas so give me a break) Plus that tea will not give you the wonderful b-vitamins and cancer preventing hops ;-).
I’m not saying I’m the best of the best for watching what I eat. To be honest I noticed my self becoming healthier because of this blog! I started working out again, eating slightly healthier, and stopped drinking during the week all because I had to prepare for the weekend. I have it set in my mind that the weekend is time for good beer and yummy food! Oh and it’s hard! When I see that box of delicious warm Tiff’s cookies I only imagine my self opening it up and gobbling all of them down. Oh and that is just the sight and feel. The smell is the worst part of it. I just want to rub it all over me and make a new cookie perfume. But NO. I do not give in because I know that I have to drink some fantastic beer and keep my girlish figure! Life is all about balance! You are allowed to indulge but be smart about it. And if you don’t feel like giving up your sweet tea then stick to it. I’ll be here enjoying my scrumptious beer.

Talking to fellow beer lovers

Talking to fellow beer lovers

Speaking of preparing… this week was filled with salmon, salad, and working out. All of this to attend the much anticipated  Untapped festival.   Fair Park was the perfect host for this fest,  its always a good place to walk, talk, and admire  fountains and statues.  Upon arriving we were greeted by a pedicab to see if we wanted a ride from the parking lot to the gate in which I responded that “we need to work off our calories before we start drinking them.” After walking for about 7 minutes we reached the gate which was followed by waiting in line for what seemed like forever because of our child like impatience. We finally received our wrist band, 2 oz beer chalice, and drink card to start our Untapped adventure.

Silent Disco

We ran up to the first booth with anticipation in our eyes. And thus the day started. The first beer we had the privilege of trying was Goose Island’s Bourbon County Vanilla Stout (13 % abv) which was smooth, syrupy, bourbony and was smothered with delicious Vanilla it gets a 4.75 out of 5.
The second was Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Sorachi  Saison Ale. It was very tea like with hints of jasmine with a bitter hoppy finish. 3 out of 5.
Unibrou’s La Resolution was next. All of my friends know that this is one of my all time favorite breweries. It started out with a crispy gingerbread pop ending with a bitterness of light chocolate. 4 out of 5.
Deep Ellum Brewing Company had the coolest set up for a dance party. On our trek to try the Four Swords Belgian Quad we were distracted by a bunch of people just dancing their hearts away to silence, on a closer look we saw the black headphones that were upon their heads. We HAD to participate in this killer dance group. As soon as we put these puppies on we danced like the crazy people we are! Finally we grabbed the Four Swords and enjoyed it while shaking our butts. I love my Tripel’s and Quad’s but this one has a good ol Dallas feel. It poured dark with malty and citrus bubbles. 4 out of 5.
I went out of the norm and sampled a few sour beers. I am not very experienced with these sorts of beer but both the Jester King Brewery’ Estival Dichotomous and Real Ale’s Mysterium Verum tasted like sour warheads. It totally brought me back to my elementary school days. It would be silly for me to rate these since I don’t have much experience.
This is where my night started to get hazy, those little 2 oz cups can get you there, especially with some high alcohol beers.  I snuck a few more beers in including a Velvet Merkin by Firestone Walker Brewing company. This little stout reminded me of maple syup smothered oats with a maltiness to finish. 4 out of 5 (way better then their 805). Of course Franconia was there! Their Fall’n Bock was a delicious! It was a perfect little stomach soother for the night, with its reliable bock taste with hints of winter time! 4 out 5. 

Always share your beers with the ones you love! Friday I went to the Dark Side with my bearded daddy!
We enjoyed Founders’ KBS a delicious bourbon barrel aged at 11 %. This was a surprise to my taste buds with hints of cinnamon, coffee, and tootsie rolls! I had to sneak a peak of what was in it because I couldn’t figure out the last ingredient!   5 out of 5. Thanks to the app Untappd I was able to keep track of all my beers. It’s like for steps but for beers.

Sunday was my day of rest. Sake and Japanese food hit the spot and sent me into a deep slumber session. Lazy Sundays are my favorite. Now back to the weekly grind of cleaning teeth and eating healthy for the weekend.

-The Beerded Lady

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