The super “adult” weekend. Beers, movies, and museums.

The super “adult” weekend. Beers, movies, and museums.

Going to the Dallas Museum of Art makes you feel like you’re all grown up. The group and I got to see a lot of great art from the 200 B.C. up until today, checkout this little guy. What a funny looking dude with T-rex arms. I enjoyed a Blood and Honey by Revolver before our nice little journey around this huge building in downtown Dallas. If you are ever in these parts definitely check it out… not for the beer selection (unless you love Blood and Honey like me) but for making sure you’re cultured enough for the world out there. Blood and Honey has been one of my all time favorite beers ever since I tried it at the Gingerman in plano, a mix of blood orange, citrus, sticky maltiness, light hops and of course honey. all in a smooth bubbles. 5 out of 5
Later that night we went to Zenna. I can honestly say I had never been to a sushi restaurant that stays open until 4 A.M. It’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard of… who doesn’t want sushi at 11:00 P.M. It was an end to a perfect night. You know how I said we felt super grown up for going to the museum? Well of course we had to end the night like the 20 somethings that we are! Time for SAKE BOMBS!
The beer we got was a Thai Beer called SINGHA- very light and crispy with a lager feel much like coors light. Perfect to drop our sake in! 2 out 5
Saturday was filled with sleeping in and a good ol trip to Torchy’s tacos. We decided to watch Trainwreck, which was a very cute little movie. Of course I am going to be drinking beer during  a movie. I enjoyed the Lake Wood Mole Temptress! I love my G-town Lakewood Brewery! Thank you for one of my go to stouts with a spicy twist! This beer pretty much had the smell of Christmas goodies. As soon as you take a sip you feel the cinnamon all the way down to your belly. Then enters the spice of the chiles… greatness. There was also a hidden woodsy bark-like flavor, made it perfectly earthy. This all is added to the original Temptress’ devilish taste. The fantastic coffee, choice, mixed with a little bit of vanilla. Perfect for watching a chick flick. 5 out of 5


This weekend was full of movies! Sunday morning I watched the new Mocking Jay part 2. Great movie and got to pair it with the Karbach’s Weekend Warrior, a perfect match for this movie.  It was a light little pale ale. Grapefruit (but not too much), crispy and fresh, a tiny bit of pine and a nice sweet malty finish that was sticky to your lips. 4 out of 5 something to enjoy if you don’t want to go full Indian Pale Ale. I was in a movie so the only picture I got was an empty glass, but here’s me attempting to be as bad ass as Katniss in this cool chair set up at the Alamo Drafthouse. This theater is literally one of my favorite movie theaters ever! They serve great beers and food all with one of the best movie going experiences ever!  Look out for me there for the opening of Star Wars!

Stay Beerded every one!

Yours Truly,
The Beerded Lady

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