Gobble Gobble/ BCBCS Friday

Gobble Gobble/ BCBCS Friday


Alright every one knows that there is no shopping for T.V.’s, toys, or appliances for the bearded lady. ONLY BEER! Ya’ll should also know that Goose Island’s Bourbon County Barrel Stouts will be released!  Kegs and Barrels in Plano and specs in Dallas have it this year

This Year there will be

The trusty original- which is always a go to stout with its caramel, choco, syrupy goodness!

The ones I haven’t had or remember 😉 #UNTAPPEDFESTIVAL

List credit to gooseisland.com

Propietor- this year was brewed with chipotle peppers, cocoa nibs, in barrels that stored maple syrup

Coffee- made with Fletcha Roja a roast that blends flavors of fruit, cherry, cocoa and nuts

Barley Wine- tabacco, vanilla, charcoal with a little bit of age. (remember a little of this one)

The Beerded Lady


Thanksgiving was more like Craftsgiving! WE ended up hosting the meal at our house this year. The family was amazing… they brought and did everything! I only made mashed potatoes. After lunch I started introducing the good stuff to the girls of the party. Apparently I was on the Bruery kick.

We Started with The Bruery Mash Vanilla – previously rated.

Then to The Bruery Mélange no. 14 It begins with a woodsy chocolate smell, with tastes of cherries, vanilla, brown sugar and a slight hint of sour apple! What an amazing dark beer!

Then on to Prairie Pirate BOMB! Omg such a crazy play on your palate starts out with a whiff of strong black coffee, tastes like choco in the front with rum followed by nuts, toffee, dark chocolate, that leaves a sweet linger but a bitter black coffee breath out. Plus pumpkin pie!

Ooh I almost forgot the beer that surprised me the most! Brass monkey No-Li- it smelled like orange rinds and pours a sunset orange, sweet with a touch of cinnamon and a hoppy finish.

BCBS Black Friday was filled with lines and driving around DFW, I sent my people to Spec’s in Dallas to wait in line for 4 hours while I wandered over to Kegs and Barrels in Plano to wait for an hour and a half, only then to travel of to Richardson Beer and Wine to get some more. After the day was done we had a pretty decent hall. I popped open the variant Barleywine– it smelled like oak tasted like sticky maple syrup and bourbon, and exhaled with tabacco! OH what a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

I also got this amazing thing from sip caddy! To shower with a beer at my side! Check these guys out on their WEBSITE. Don’t forget to follow me for more posts!

Had this to satisfy my beer/star wars nerd! A solid stout with hoppiness

Another amazing drink with this solid Texas smash IPA! Light and hoppy!


The Beerded Lady

  • Abel
    Posted at 12:19h, 29 November

    It was great to meet you and to talk beer while standing in line at Kegs. Cheers!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:32h, 29 November

    So glad my nephew married The Beerded Lady! Never had a beer tasting on Thanksgiving before. Gonna get some more of that Bruery Melange and Prairie Pirate BOMB! Yum AuntD.

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