NTX Brewers Ball

NTX Brewers Ball

Perfect End to Beer week

The Brewer’s Ball was an amazing end to NTX Beer Week! BUUTT let me just tell you a little story of the crazy day leading up to it! It started at 10 with a hang over from that fantastic Prairie Pirate Bomb I drank while working on the whole blog thang. I headed straight to get my nails done, then headed to get the car washed, scurried to the mall to get my make up done and find a freaking dress. I found the dress but they didn’t have my size, so I had to drive across town to get it! Finally I got home only to shimmy out of my clothes and squeeze into my dress, then hopped in the car to only find out that I lost my wallet! Luckily I found it before I got there. We finally pulled up about an hour late, but this was okay because this ball was not like any other ball that I’ve been to! This bad-ass ball was like a beer festival but with every one in fine ass attires. There was food from all over Dallas with breweries from all over the U.S each had their special taps! With endless amounts to drink and all of those drinks having high alc content, I was tipsy to say the least.

Freaky Deaky by OHB- this was the first I had from this brewery. Wheaty, strong, crispy and sharp!

Poterie Bourbon Barrel-Aged The Bruery- smells like choco and caramel tastes like fig, chocolate, bourbon, with a nice sticky finish

Bent De Garde Braindead Sour with out the kick perfect for me. Hoppy and the wine barrel added the perfect blush to it.

Green Flash’s Cellar 3 (didn’t hear exactly what it was maybe you can help)- Oh my, this was tasty, DEEP caramel and vanilla flavors, with oak roasted coffee and a boozy syrupy end. It was pretty similar to a tootie roll or a toffee. Lustrous Frumento?

Last that I remembered was the St. Arnolds Bishop’s Barrel- vanilla with Hints of bourbon but still had a sweet rasiny and figgy notes! If you can get your hands on grab a pack.

EXTRA Pictures from the event!

[wpvideo 3uM6Un6t]

Met some awesome people in some awesome clothes that night! Thank you NTX beer week for and awesome week

The Beerded Lady

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