Untapped festival 2016

Untapped festival 2016

The Best Fest
Untapped out did them selves this year! Most people that were early arrivers either parked or were dropped off at the wrong entrance so we had to hike to get to the line just to get in. Time was not in our favor for the doors were going to open right at 2:30 so we did not have time for walking. During our trek people around us were checking watches and thinking about water instead of the beer we came for. Our trip was cut in half when we found a short cut through the park then finally we see a line in the distance.

Every one’s step quickened just to come to a halt at the entrance; we made it with 15 min to spare. . I could see the Goose Island tent through the sea of people (being I am 5’1”) just waiting for my cup to receive the BCBS rare. This was the worst part; they let people in but stopped them right before the beer right up to exactly 2:30. The clock struck the right time and the crowd was released and the majority formed a line right in front of what?

You guessed it Goose Island. Finally we reached the table only to set our eyes on that green ribbon on the neck of the bottle, it was poured smooth and easy. As soon as it touched my lips I felt sheer ecstasy. Here I am, at Untapped 2016! After that this it was a free for all running around chugging, forgetting my list and just trying random things, listening to amazing music, dancing to said music, and stuffing my face with some yummy Dallas food!

BCBC Rare – This beer was worth the wait. It smelled nutty, boozy, and like chocolate. It tasted like if you made a beer out of the best hot chocolate in the world with marshmallows and toffee. 5 out of 5, My palate was set to this level for about three beers.

Mash Vanilla & Vanilla The Bruery – A perfect 2nd beer. Smelled like vanilla, tasted like vanilla, was vanilla. The barley wine taste was strong enough but not over powering and had the perfect amount of bubbles. 4 out of 5

Vietnamese Speedway Stout Alesmith – This was a very interesting take on a really good beer. It had a bitter coffee taste with a lot of spice upon entering and not the sweet back that I was expecting. 3.5 out of 5

Macallan Barrel Aged Legion Community- Finally I got the beer I wanted Friday night! This was a light toasty flavor; I’m guessing this came from the barrels. It had a vanilla back to be completed with a good ol imperial taste spread throughout. 4 out of 5

Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Karbach – this was a perfect winter beer. Its kind of like they made an egg-nog bock. It had all the Christmas spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves but in a nice light flavored beer. Rating: Jolly

Jalepeno Saison On Rotation – Interesting beer. Smelled just like fresh jalapenos (you know the way your fingers smell after gutting them to stuff cream cheese and bacon in them) but there was no major spice to the beer just the taste. I wish there was more of the saison flavor. 3 out of 5

Hop Cooler Ninkasi – And oh so tasty IPA. A crisp little break from all the heavy beers. It was a true IPA, the smell of dank with a side of pine. The taste was the same with just a little hint of orange and lemon. 4 out of 5.

Praline Porter Deep Ellum- Light but flavorful tasted like that little crispy thing you get on the way out of your favorite Mexican restaurant but with a hoppy kick. 3 out of 5

Spicy Hawaiian COOP- tastes like that sweet sauce that you put on Hawaiian pork but with a little bit of spice. 3 out of 5

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