Birthday Beer 

Birthday Beer 

Here’s some SHIT

The Bruery

So happens it’s Tuesday

Dark brown with a light brown head. Taste is bourbony and chocolaty with an oak  smell. Texture is smooth and light. Slight vanilla. Maybe a hint of dates.

One of the smoothest bourbon barrel aged beers I’ve had. Usually it sticks to the lips. Not this one. It slides right in.

Update beers pt 1
To start off my birthday week, I decided to celebrate by opening one of those special Christmas presents I received. Here’s a quick review of a couple brews.

Alesmith’s Numbskull- literally a barley wine ale. This started with caramel and brown sugar, had a mid taste of old british hops, and a very bitter end going all the down. 3.5 out of 5. Only because of the bitterness.

Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist- Cold brew coffee smell and taste, roasted nuts, cocoa, whiskey/bourbon and raisins. 4 out of 5

Ended with the Jubelale by Dechutes- sugar and spice and everything nices, wait that makes a jubelale. A crispy beer with a taste of Christmas goodness. Just good chillen. Beer next to some beers out of its league!

Sorry to be gone for so long! Cant wait to be back especially in time of my for my birthday.

Texas snow!


The Beerded Lady

Pt 2

Tomorrow (January 10 is my birthday)
I will be turning the ripe old age of 27. Here are the beers I enjoyed this weekend.
Lizard of Koz by Founders-Okay this one was too much of a beer. It started out with the taste of a blueberry milkshake with a dash of sherry and whipped cream on top. Half way through the beer it began tasting like pure blueberry syrup from Ihop it left a candy film in your mouth with no actual alcohol taste! Cant even rate this beer it was almost a liquor

Bastards midnight brunch by Stone brewing- This one was tasty like a toasty breakfast!Hops and goodness with a maple finish and just the right amount of stickiness. a full bodied chocolate cinnamon French toast taste and feel .

These two I enjoyed st The Social House In Addison. If you’re in Dallas hit up this beer spot for a variety of beer.  I didn’t list it on here but they 2016 goose island Bourbon County Barrel Stout Barley wind for only 16$!  Amazing prices.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Gingerbread stout- Tastes like a gingerbread man but with out the sugar sweetness!

Uncle Jacob’s stout by Avery– Heavy bourbon taste with chocolate, syrup, and with a taste of bitter hops


  • Stephen
    Posted at 04:26h, 30 January

    First swim through your blog. After meeting you, this is what I expected, a straight up, beer forward blog. Nice job! Although now that I find out your birthday is one day after mine, I feel bad knowing that I didn’t buy you a bday beer. Maybe next year. The Darth Vader cake topper was pretty awesome too!!

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