Raging Bitch Face 

Raging Bitch Face 

This beer blogging is one hell of a ride! Who would have thought that beer would come this far. From chugging an ice cold Coors Light aka “Piss Water” years ago; to sipping on a tasty Flying Dog Tropical Bitch today.

[wpvideo Uo7bF64u]

Show me your raging bitch face!! This Belgian IPA is the perfect sipper for a warm Texas day. It starts out thick with mango sensations and ends with the slightest dankiness. With an 8% ABV, this bitch will put you on your ass after a couple.  So grab a camera and the beer and do your best raging bitch face using the #ragingbitchface. And of course a video of my raging bitch barking like crazy.

Love always,

The beerded lady

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