Surviving the Big Texas Beer Fest 2017

Surviving the Big Texas Beer Fest 2017

The 2017 Big Texas Beer Fest consisted of great music, awesome people, and amazing beer.  The festival had plenty of distractions and activities for all those beerded people.  Food was the most important distraction, I survived the first night with the help of my trusty pretzel necklace and some tasty cajun fries from one of the local food trucks Rock’n Rick’s.  While enjoying my carb over load, a spectacular band called The Heavy Hands kicked things off with their raw western rock style. Noble Rey had a sweet arcade setup in front of their stand for all those old school video game people.

The night was long and filled with unique and cool interactions with the best kinds of people, the kinds that all have one thing in common, BEER! People were getting married by St Arnold himself, with his large red hat and beautiful matching bathrobe. As soon as someone got married the hand bell rang through the hall.

We started the festival with some berry stout goodness from Goose Island. The bourbon county stout variant had the distinct smell of BC and was thick with bourbon but oh so sweet.

New and Memorable

Boysen Barrel-Aged ASR by The Collective Brewing Project – A delicious boysenberry oaky sour, it had just the right amount of lip pucker.

17 Grand Reserve by Unibroue-This was a hidden gem. A Belgian strong ale with hints of plum, molasses, and oak. Very smooth beer.

(512) Cab Tripel– very floral with the subtle woodsy flavor from the cab. The wine barrel accentuated its malty goodness while keeping it clean.

Noble Rey Clockwork Orange (steam punk with blood orange in a cask) – the blood orange in this California common really brought out the maltiness of the beer creating a thick feel and smooth hoppy finish.

Peticolas Sledge Hammer– all I have to say about this one, is it kicks your ass with its alcohol content while stimulating your senses with the hoppy, clean, spicy flavor it has.

Keep on the look out for an interview of me with Firkin Awesome about this amazing beer festival. Some extra tips I learned with these guys:

  • Pee before you come
  • Never drop your glass, otherwise people yell
  • Eggs and grits. Mother fu**ing eggs and grits. (I’m guessing that’s a different way of saying carb up!

All good things must come to an end. This festival concluded on a great note, I was happy, beerded, and joyful. Thank you Big Texas Beer Fest for making my April fools weekend memorable!

If you are in Murphy or Houston make sure to see when your Fest is!

Check out my youtube video for more media from the festival, don’t forget to follow me on here –>

Until next time,

The Beerded Lady




Peticolas boys

Rock'n Rick's

Those tasty fries!


Only the best couple in the FEST






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