World of Beer Drink It Intern semi finals 

World of Beer Drink It Intern semi finals 

Of course I was shaking when I entered the world of beer in Ft Worth. I was pacing around talking to people, wondering where people were and seeing people file in. My parents finally told me to “grab a beer so you can CHILL.” I chose a 3 Nations American lager to sooth my nerves : it was a mix of light hops with notes of lemon, corriander, and smoke. Perfect Texas beer for those BBQ days.


Of course on top of this beer I was trying and sipping on everything my friends were getting. 

All of a sudden it was my turn so I walked up to mic with my whole body shaking.  I hopped on stage with my blue hop halo. And the rest was a blur. Luckily some one behind me recorded my interview. I could see smiles and giggles from the judges, fingers crossed! I hope I get one step closer to following my dreams! 

This job entails everything a beer girl would ever want. The world would be my pint and I would help make it Beerded.

After that crazy interview we decided I needed some brewery time so we hopped the Collective Brewing Project down the street. Little did we know what we were getting our selves into. Before you get your bottle you have a chance to play mini disc golf with you bottle cap. No one won… 

After a few of my favorite sour Boysen Barrel Aged we were asked to join a game of beer pong. Scratch that GIANT BEER PONG, With trash cans and kick balls where the proceeds went to a group that supports youth and young adults that have cancer FWAYA– Ft Worth Adolescent and Young Adults. My team ended up being in second place. To top it all off we got to watch a 70 yo woman shot gun a beer! Check it all out on my VIDEO

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Edit: I made it to the finals  stay tuned to what I’m doing next

Guess who just made it to the finals of the #drinkitintern !!!!! Yours truly. To celebrate I got my hands on the Creatures Comfort Athena Paradiso. Smooth, fruity, slightly sour with great carbonation. Thank you all for your support. I wouldn’t be able to do it with out you. Y’all are the best. Use #DrinkitInternJennifer and check out my post through them 

-Jennifer The Beerded Lady 

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