Goose Island Migration Week Dinner

Goose Island Migration Week Dinner


The Independent Bar & Kitchen hosted a great dinner. Their chef was able to effortlessly pair his incredible food with a range of Belgian style beers given to him by the folks at Goose Island Brewing.

The night started with Sofie A Belgian style farmhouse ale that was crisp like champagne and had tastes of citrus fruits, vanilla and spices.

We continued on to Pepe Nero with some amazing oysters that were topped with bacon and cracked pepper. The beer had tastes of stone fruit and black pepper, which was perfect and brought out the taste in the delicate things on those half shells

Pere Jacques was paired with one of the best salads I have had. It was topped with fat braised waterfowl with shaved beets that balance the game and tomatoes to freshen it up. The caramel and fruit in the beer magnified the dynamic tastes in the salad.

Halia was next. This white wine barreled aged Brett farmhouse Belgian ale was THE beer to pair with the perfect blood orange spot on pork chop that was sitting on a bed of Spatzle.

Desert was peaches and cream topped with peanut brittle, which was flawlessly paired with the Matilda. She mellowed it out with her dry, hoppy and slighty bready taste.

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