Need a hang over helper? DrinkAde is to the rescue.

Need a hang over helper? DrinkAde is to the rescue.

DrinkAde- Never Too Hung over

Hang-overs are the worst, and I have had my fare share remedies. Drinking responsibly and water to stay hydrated is the gold standard! BUT… we all get a little carried away and can use a little help.

I just tried Drink Ade Prevention recently and surprised at how well it worked! I woke up a little skeptical because I felt the hang over coming on and all of a sudden it disappeared. The best explanation; it felt like a fluffy non-hang over blanket that was thrown upon me! I was totally okay with this!

DrinkAde Prevention is the hang-over helper.

Shoot this one before or during drinking! Made with soothing ingredients like.

  • Aloe vera– Great for your gut and kicking out toxins
  • B Vitamins– we all know that booze can make you dumb! This helps with energy, brain function
  • Gotu Kola– Keeps your Brain kicking (thank the lord)
  • Green Tea– Helps your liver and soothes some nausea
  • Milk Thistle– Some more liver help, and chilling out your indigestion
  • Potassium– well we all know how amazing this is… helps with your nerves, muscles and balances the water in your body

Here’s a little comparison of DrinkAde and Thrive+ the previous hang over helper that I tried out!

  • Liquid delivery
  • Taken before and during partying
  • Caffeine available option
  • Capsule Delivery
  • Taken before Bed
  • Non-caffeine availability

DrinkAide is the convenient choice and has received The Beerded Lady Stamp of Approval!

DrinkAde Boost will wake you up!

When you’re just a little lagged in the morning, shoot this bad boy and you will be zooming around on some ice skates. It has the same ingredients as Prevention except with the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee and extra B-12!

Being a part of the Beerded family ya’ll get a discount on this kickass hangover helper! Use the code THEBEERDEDLADYBLOG to get 25% off of your purchase online!

My night out check list will always include a preparty beer, lipstick, mascara, and my DrinkAde, I’ll never leave home with out it!

Love Always,

Jennifer The Beerded Lady

Make up and photos: Jade Stone Artistry

* Sponsored by DrinkAde

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