How to make The Beerded Lady’s Advent Calendar

How to make The Beerded Lady’s Advent Calendar

Of course you have to enjoy a beer during the making, I chose Bootlegger’s Tropic Thunder because… it takes some thunder to create crafts for this beer girl! This hazy AF IPA clocks in around 7.0% with an fruity and hoppy aroma, with flavors of citrus and tropical fruits that hit your tongue with a little conga line.

bootlegger's brewery

Step 1: Put the boxes together that you got on Amazon (there are 25 in this pack-perfect for an advent calendar). Cut the little tab to make it easier to open.

Step 2: Hot glue each of the boxes together stacking them 5×5. Make sure the open part is towards the front.

Step 3: Decorate with your style.

  • Wrap it: I used cardstock scrapbook paper. I double taped them and hot glued them.
  • Number and decorate the front: I used Stickers and ribbon
  • Top it off: I found some fake foliage at Hobby Lobby and made some bows with the ribbon from the front. Reindeer stickers to pop on the front

Step 4: Fill with beers of all sizes, shapes, cans, bottles, special releases.

Step 5: Open box according to the day IN THE MORNING and stick you beer in the fridge for you to enjoy a cold one when you get home from work! Unless you like warm beer


Everything besides the shipping boxes were found at Hobby Lobby

Shipping boxes found on Amazon

Aviditi M3312 Square Mailing Tubes, 3″ x 3″ x 12″ (Pack of 25)

Stay Beerded friends!

Heres a video to help you along

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