California: The Bristol

California: The Bristol

California is an AMAZING place! The locals were so hospitable I felt like I was right at home! Of course, with wayyy better weather (than Texas). I had the luxury of staying at The Bristol Hotel in San Diego. The hotel is nestled in downtown San Diego. As soon as I walked in, I was welcomed with some wonderful pop art… which facilitated my normal funky self. Check-in was a dream. so easy, the clerk provided me with all the information I needed for my stay and pointed out the most important machines in the hotel, the coffee maker and the filtered water machines! Off to my room… The lobby too had a modern funk to it and oh so many chairs to chill in. The elevator of course so easy to ride, BUT it had a mirror that I took one too many selfies in ;). Cute yellow doors and white walls welcomed you to your room. My room was the 1969 Suite. OMG the room was amazing!

The 1969 Suite:

  • Awaiting my entry was a CORONADO BEER and chocolate 😀
  • Is filled with Moon landing things (1969 duh)
  • Beautiful art
  • A fridge – for beer of course
  • A freaking RECORD PLAYER with records to play
  • All the toiletries I needed!
  • A tablet to request just about anything you needed
  • A soft king size bed for jumping on, and sleeping
  • A huge shower
  • And a toilet with a perfectly placed sign to greet you!

This place was beyond just accommodating! Especially for a beer drinker! I was running around town before my night with Thorn brewing (that the hotel helped plan). I had to drop off my Modern Times beer and paraphernalia (not a good idea to bring with me to Thorn). I dropped it off at the front desk (Uber was waiting on me) and the hotel staff brought it up to my room! So sweet of them! Downtown San Diego is one for the books! From Speakeasy’s to Brewery’s this place is LIT.

Thank you so much for having me Bristol.

Love Always The Beerded Lady
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