Weekend Trip

Weekend Trip

My Austin trip ended up being a beer blast! I arrived in Austin late Friday night only to go straight for the Tree House; I grabbed my Green and guzzled it down. 

This was a perfect beer after a long car ride. The next day we were able to hop over to Jester King, I literally hopped out of the car while it was rolling and snagged a couple bottles of their limited release: Sing Along Deathmatch. 

After a few windy roads we finally got to the beautiful hill country of Texas. Now it was time to find out what was growing in my friends belly, and of course I had to make it beer related I cast a vote… between Sap for boy and Haze for girl. 

It was a boy! So I was able to sip on the sweet Sap straight from a pine tree. Sap was beyond smooth almost velvety, with hints of pineapple and mango with some delicious northeastern hops with a little hint of piney aftermath. Freaking delicious beer!


-Jennifer the Beerded Lady

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