Planning a Mexican Beach Trip on a Budget

Planning a Mexican Beach Trip on a Budget

Hands down and All-Inclusive hotel is the way to go when you’re headed to a Mexican beach! This type of hotel provides everything you need! Drinks, Food, Gym, Room Service, I mean the list goes on! BUDGET wise YOU WILL spend less at an all-inclusive than choosing to go the route of a hotel/timeshare with grocery shopping and eating out! I’ve experienced both! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this direction!

Let’s discuss on how to get the best rate! These are a couple insider tips!

  1. THE BEST TIME TO BUY is on Black Friday-Cyber Monday through THE HOTEL’S website they have the best deals during this time of the up to 60% off! With specials like staying a certain amount of nights will get you resort money and transportation from the airport!
    • Flights: USE YOUR MILES and or a credit card that can rack up miles! So important to do this! You get free trips after a certain amount!
    • Flights: they also have packages that are affordable if you don’t have miles!

*the hotel that I usually stay it is Valentin Imperial They have had the best deals 2 years in a row!

  1. Wait until a week before and you will most likely get a pretty good deal! Usually a thousand off!
  2. Last option is to use websites like,,! Cheap Carribean is my fave! Usually have great flight and hotel packages and transportation!

These are tips from a person that has been going to Mexico for the last 5 years! So cheers to you and yours! Let me know if you’d like any packing tips, what do do while you’re there, and how to get a beach bod?

Cheers friends and STAY BEERDED

-The Beerded Lady

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