Femme Luxe II

Femme Luxe II

Femme Luxe

My go to online fashion heaven! Check them out here! You’ll love the ease of their website and prices of their outfits!

1st outfit: Lounge Wear Lexi

A perfect lounging jumpsuit…. Especially to pick out the perfect beer. Pair this with some flip flops if you head out! This would be a great one for a nice morning brunch.

P.S. This New Air Fridge is the greatest at housing beers.

2nd Outfit: Perry Denim Dress

Denim dress with Decadent Double Tropical Smoothie.

This dress is by far my favorite purchase this year. It is great for a sunny day by the pool or dress it up for a night out. When it gets cold just pair it with a turtleneck! I paired this outfit with Decadent Ales Double Tropical Smoothie: A double IPA that is one for the books. Starting with a fruity/whip cream smell, as it hit your lips you are graced with pineapple, mango, peach and creaminess. Finishing with the tickle of hops, citrus,and grapefruit!

3rd Outfit: Kristie Jumpsuit

This is the boss lady outfit! Feel motivated and sexy at the same time. Pair with a long plunge necklace and a pair of black leather heels. Death or Cake from Verboten seems like the perfect beer to put with such sophistication. Dive into a pool of chocolate cake. You could taste the bourbon swirled cake topped with decadent dark chocolate frosting. A boss bitch dessert for a boss bitch outfit.

4th Outfit: Asia Lounge Set

Travel in style while looking cute and comfy! Bloating and water weight are no problem in this ensemble, so you can feel comfortable drinking a beer before you go! Speaking of beer. Smells like Bean Spirit from Mikerphone Brewing is the best beer for that early morning plane ride. Invigorating your taste buds by tasting like coffee and ending with a hazelnut and maple syrup! No food needed… its in the can!

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